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Faffen Fuffen 2013

History Of Faffen Fuffen

The West Riding of Yorkshire became famous for brass bands in the 19th and 20th centuries and alongside them many villages had comic bands where the players dressed in ragged clothes and played homemade or simple instruments with a few brass ones to keep the tune. and paper, kettles, pans, rubbing boards, drums, whistles and Tommy talkers (kazoos) were popular. The main role of these bands was to lead the processions for carnivals and field days. They had various names- Waffen Fuffen (with variations), Bladderhead, comic and Tommy Talker bands. In Clifton they became known as Faff and Fuffen or Faffen bands. The story grew that a farmer had lifted a pig onto the wall to hear the band as it marched past. The bands survived until the 1930s and then died out as the war approached.


Procession Starts 1.00pm

"Please gather on the grassed area on Towngate Avenue at 12:45 ready to depart at 1pm. The Faffen Fuffen begins with the traditional musical procession through the village, starting from Towngate Avenue, along Towngate to the Park. So grab anything that makes a noise, join one of the three bands  and follow the Clifton and Lightcliffe Band to the Park. Once at the Park, each band will play in turn and the best band will be awarded the trophy. More information on which band to join on Facebook and website."

Presentation—Best Faffen Fuffen Band 1.25pm

Trophy for the best dressed and noisiest band

Opening Welcome 1.30pm

Head teacher Helen Lever and two pupils from the academy will be opening the event.

Clifton and Lightcliffe Band 2.00pm

Local Brass Band are back once again to entertain us all.

Wipeout Competition 2.30pm

We are looking for plenty of people to try out the TV show game. £3 per adult £2 Children. This is going to be hilarious so come on have a go.

Roger Davies 3.30pm

The old saying “you can take the man out of Yorkshire but you can’t take Yorkshire out of the man” certainly applies to Roger Davies. Roger who was born and still lives in Clifton writes songs that celebrate the places and people he has grown up with.

Children’s Entertainer 4.00pm  

Darren Lee is a well-established and professional magician and entertainer. His unique skills include: Magic - Balloon modelling - Plate spinning

Chloe Abbot 4.30pm  

Chloe lives in the village and studied at Leeds College of Music.She played ‘The Narrator’ last year in the community production of ‘Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ and this year, has just got through to the final of the ‘Bradford Bulls OK Factor’

Prize Presentations and Close 5.00pm  

What’s On


Food & Drink

Teddy Bear’s Picnic

We also have a picnic area for those who wish to bring their own food. Children why don't you bring along your favourite Teddy?